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The Light-Up at Night Pet Collar

In the United States alone, over six million dogs and cats are hit by cars each year. Most of these accidents take place at night, because drivers can't see small animals crossing the road in front of them. The Light-Up at Night Pet Collar aims to reduce the number of unnecessary pet deaths, and give pet owners peace of mind, by making dogs and cats more visible to cars at night.


Especially for Cats and Small Dogs

Despite the fact that cats make up five out of every six pets hit by car each year, there are no light-up pet collars on the market for them. All existing light-up pet collars use a traditional clasp, which is unsafe for cats, as they could be strangled by their collar if caught in a tree. However, "breakaway" cat collars often fall so easily that cats lose them even when they're not in any danger of being strangled. 4 Paws Wearables has a unique solution to this problem: a collar that does not depend on a clasp at all! The Light-Up at Night Pet Collar instead uses a wire, fine-tuned to be sturdy enough to bend open only when a force almost equal to a cat's weight is applied to it, to hold its shape around the pet's neck. 

Lights Up Automatically in the Dark

Owning pets creates a lot of responsibilities: feeding them, bringing them outside, grooming them, playing with them, bringing them to the vet... Should keeping them safe from cars create another one? 4 Paws Wearables doesn't think so. That's why we've designed the Light-Up at Night Pet Collar to light up automatically in the dark, so the busy owner doesn't have to remember to turn it off during the day and on at night, or waste battery. 



Rechargeable and Water-Resistant

The current version of the Light-Up at Night Pet Collar lasts for approximately four nights per charge, and recharges through a computer's USB port. 4 Paws Wearables is currently looking into ways to extend its battery life, including thermoelectric fabric and flexible solar panels. The collar's silicone casing, which will be printed in a variety of designs, is water-resistant, making it safe for pets to wear in the rain (or even when rolling around in the mud!). 

Our Team

Idea Pitch Competition 2017 -028.JPG

Blythe Serrano, Founder

Blythe Serrano was inspired to create the Light-Up at Night Pet Collar after her cat, Mushroom, was hit by a car and killed in the middle of the night on a quiet suburban road. She is currently studying physics at Norwalk Community College.



  • CT Collegiate New Venture Competition (April 2018) -  Best Executive Summary and Oral Presentation

  • Factory Underground Pitch Competition(December 2017) - First Place Winner

  • Norwalk Community College Summer Entrepreneurship Institute (May-July 2017) - Participant, and First Place Winner in Final Pitch Competition

  • Norwalk Community College Idea Pitch Competition (April 2017) - First Place Winner 

  • World Maker Faire New York (2014-2018) - Maker, and Winner of Editor's Choice and Best in Class Awards

  • Westport Maker Faire (2015-2018) - Maker


*Note: I am actually a Norwalk resident, but completed much of my prototyping at the Wilton Library’s makerspace.


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